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If you are requesting seeds or plasmids, please first check in the stock center whether the material is available there. If not, your request to us needs to specify the exact publication you are referring to as well as the construct name (e.g., pDW151, not 35S::LFY).

Also, when requesting material, you need to provide your full postal address. Finally, we only honor requests from institutional email accounts (no gmail/hotmail etc.).

A list of popular plasmids that are often requested from Weigelworld provides map and sequence information. You can also find useful information on some of the mutants we work with, such as the sequence of different lfy, ufo, and ft alleles, as well as information on genotyping with CAPS and dCAPS markers.

In the past, Weigelworld was one of the largest provider of Affymetrix microarray data for Arabidopsis. Information on several experiments can be found under this link, including a tool for visualization of AtGenExpress data.

We also developed artifical microRNAs (amiRNAs) as a convenient gene knock out tool for individual genes or groups of related genes. Our WMD tool lets your design amiRNAs against your favorite gene(s).

Before the advent of next generation sequencing, we invested heavily into the development of SNP marker assays. MSQT lets you choose markers that distinguish between your choice of strains.

We are also providing computational tools that have been described in some of our publications. Click on the links or on the buttons to the left for details.

Finally, we have been a leader in next generation sequencing of A. thaliana genomes. Please go to the 1001 Genomes project page for more information.

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